Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For Loving Me Unconditionally.
My mother's selflessness.
The beautiful souls who chose to befriend me.
The red mini-van I drive.
The old, worn, white convertible that exploded.
Inside jokes with yourself.
Outrunning bees.
Key of Gb and E.
Feeling an intense calling to do something in-the-moment that absolutely terrifies you.
Old photo's of me with my eye patch.
The health insurance to cover my patched eye.
Waking up and feeling awake.
Being underwater.
Smashing something expensive on purpose.
Waking up in the middle of the night and being excited to continue sleeping.
Perfect high fives.
Exceeding your own expectations.
The Vietnamese girl I taught piano lessons to.
Hearing the voice of someone you love.
When little paper-cuts or hangnails bleed a lot and you can freak people out.
When big injuries don't hurt at all.
Not being injured.
Eating fruit straight from a tree.
Feeling emotions.
My grandma's old piano.
Compliments. Complements.
Playing with drummers who can keep a pocket like no other!
Being smacked in the face with what you're looking for.
Encountering something bigger than I will ever be.
Having no time limit.
Spelling words so wrong it's funny.
Dangerous situations that remind you of life.
Building sandcastles by the edge of the ocean and trying to defend it from the waves.
Being able to breath clearly.
My future.
Not having your period.
Big Rocks.
Rock Candy.
Word association.
Being daring.
The feeling when you're in the air on a trampoline.
Finding yourself in a situation you'd never expect to be in.
Witnessing art.
When cellos sound good.
The wildflowers on my road.
Absolutely amazing people who have entered, stayed, or been in my life at some point.
Cleanliness. Being dirty.
Wisdom I've gained from children.
Doing innocent illegal things.
Being on the edge of a river.
Connecting with someone from a different country.
Holding babies.
Successfully doing math in your head.
The infinite possibilities of software I have waiting for me on my Mac.
Being able to connect with someone else.
The sweet smell of driving by a cool forest at night.
My grandpa's trumpet.
Being given opportunities to help others in any way.
Understanding Harry Potter.
My best friend.
Pairs of butterflies flying together.
Being completely open in all that you are.
Finding candy.
Having nothing to do.
Having a full schedule.
My friends in Brazil.
Their overwhelming love for me and each other.
Feeling cool my first day of wearing braces.
Smiles from strangers.
The colors I wake up to in my room.
The flexibility to drive with my foot out the window.
When I come home to find my sheets washed and put back on my bed.
The convenient sledding path down my backyard.
Being able to love someone else.
Feeling love returned.
Youtube videos.
The yellow dog that ran away to my front door.
Thick carpet.
My life in Boston.
Random acts of kindness towards me.
Being pushed into new perspectives.
Kenbrook Bible Camp.
Being moved by something.
The ability to compose.
Being safe with the front door unlocked at all times.
My hammocks.
The love my roommates shared with me.
The miracle of my roof collapsing and introducing me to a trio of amazing friends.
Every single moment of my two semesters at Berklee.
My low threshold for wonder.
Sense of humor.
Coincidences in my everyday life.
Being able to give back to those who've helped me!!
Home videos.
The giant Monet hanging in my apartment.
Snail Mail.
Iced Coffee.
Raw crescent roll dough.
24 hour grocery stores.
My age!
My childhood.
My raspy sang-too-much voice.
Pumpkin seeds.
Out of body experiences.
Hot showers.
Satisfaction after cooking good food.
The streets of Boston.
Learning new songs on guitar.
The rarity of hearing songs you love on the radio.
The colors of music.
The smell of wet dirt.
Little moments of bliss.
Good dreams.
Waking up from bad dreams.
Warm wind.
Hot tubs.
Finding new talents.
Hearing buggies go by my window.
Windows with no blinds or curtains.
Playing grand pianos.
Free food.
Pushing down the bubbles on lids.
Freshly straightened hair.
Lightning Bugs.
Golden sunsets.
The beach house at Rehoboth.
The West Bay candy shop.
Old friends.
New friends.
11:23 and other significant times.
My awesome old loft bed.
Warm nights.
The djembe.
Being able to keep the beat.
Receiving cards.
Being awestruck.
Mario Party 4.
Water beds.
Help I receive from others.
Being given opportunities to witness to others.
Realizing everyday is Friday.
Being able to serve.
Suriving high school.
Surviving middle school!
Clear skin.
Brown sugar.
Diving under waves.
Wiping out in the ocean and feeling a perfect total loss of control for a few seconds.
Poppy, my penguin living in Chile.
The homeless man I got to give a donut to.
Being able to make someone feel better. Having someone make your day.
Smoke machines.
Being on stage.
Being under the stage.
Watching a stage.
Childlike wonder.
Ability to share.
Old toys.
The power of windex.
When multiple numbers equal eleven.
The beach at 7:00am.
Smell of chlorine lingering in my hair that reminds me of the good time i had swimming.
eskimo kisses.
forgetting insecurities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s soul.
Being able to give advice from experience.
The ability to multi-task.
Finding new music.
For loving me.
Key of C.
Key of Eb.
Key of Ab.
Key of B.
Not caring about opinions from others.
Finding an answer.